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XViewer Pro – Visualize analysis results

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XViewer Pro – Visualise analysis results interactively.
Xviewer Pro offers the possibility to visualize analysis results generated by XPaint Pro and XVoid Pro. Directly export analysis results directly as Excel Reports. XViewer Pro is now available on the Software download page for everyone!

New challenges for today’s industry

Buzzwords such as AI, Big Data, Industry 4.0 and digital twin require a radical rethinking in the non-destructive material testing industry, which has grown with standards and test criteria.
We, the XRAY-LAB team, have been facing these challenges for years. From a service provider and system manufacturer in the field of computed tomography and 2D X-RAY, we are today one of the great pioneers in the field of AI software development with a focus on X-RAY.
One of the greatest challenges of today and in the future will be to drastically reduce our CO2 footprint.
This poses major challenges for industry around the world. New technologies must be tried out and brought into harmony with our environment.
Here we are particularly challenged to rethink the areas of power plants and transport.
Lightweight construction, e-mobility, autonomous driving, batteries, fuel cells, electric drives for aircraft and ships are some of the challenges.
All of these requirements require new test methods with software in the field of AI in order to arrive at a result quickly, efficiently and with manageable costs.
New techniques and new materials require new, efficient test methods and evaluation software.
Standard software for testing at https://xray-lab.com/us/software-download-page/
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