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1024 768 XRAY-LAB | Industrial X-ray analysis & 3D computed tomography (CT)

Automation solution for serial examinations with low costs.One of the current trends in X-ray inspection is the automation of CT and radiographic testing. Here, the PolyDR m5 offers an effective solution to cut the long setup times that arise when changing samples by opening the doors and loading and unloading the system.Read more …

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450kV / 2D / 2.5D X-Ray machine for iron Casting

912 769 XRAY-LAB | Industrial X-ray analysis & 3D computed tomography (CT)

High resolution 450keV brand new x-ray system High-resolution 450keV X-ray system for the examination of steel and aluminum castings. This system offers you the possibility of high-resolution detection of components that are difficult to penetrate.US$ 420,000 We are happy to answer any questions you may have Suitable for: Cast iron Cast aluminum Cast iron Braking discs Turbine blades WheelsRimsTyresWelding seamsCermaicStructural…

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225kV / 2D /2.5D Röntgenanlage für Gussteile

952 616 XRAY-LAB | Industrial X-ray analysis & 3D computed tomography (CT)

Hochauflösendes 225keV Neusystem Hochauflösendes 225keV Röntgensystem für die Untersuchung von Aluminium- und Stahlgußteilen.Dieses System bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Bauteile hochauflösend zu detektieren.198.000,-€Sehr gerne stehen wir Ihnen für Rückfragen zur Verfügung. Geeignet für: AluminiumgussStahlgussteile KunststoffteileVerbundwerkstoffeSchweißnähteKeramik 225kV für GußTeile225 kV Statoren225kV Guß225kV Statorenprüfung225kV Abmessungen Technische Beschreibung X-Ray MachineDimensions 3200 x 3873 x 3277mm (L x W x H)Weight 8.5 TInspection software with…

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130KV 2D /2.5D X-Ray machine for electronic

555 618 XRAY-LAB | Industrial X-ray analysis & 3D computed tomography (CT)

High Resolution 130keV X-Ray System High resolution 130keV X-ray system for examination of electronic components and printed circuit board.This system enables you to detect components with high resolution.US$133,000For any kind of questions please contact us. Suitable for: Electronic ComponentsPCB‘sPlastic PartsComposite MaterialsAluminum PartsWelding SeamsSmall Iron / Steel Parts Technical Description X-Ray MachineDimensions:W1350D1250H1700mmWeight: 1900KGMagnification:1600XPower Requirements: AC110~220V, 50/60HzTemperature/Humidity:0℃~ 40℃ / 30 ~ 70RHPower…

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