Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing for non-destructive testing of materials

Ultrasonic testing is used to measure material thickness, to detect hidden defects or properties of materials.  We can test materials such as metal, plastic, composite ceramics and glass. Ultrasonic testing is frequently used to probe welding seams. Here, the depth, width and location of the welding can be measured. Cracks and micro-cracks are detected. The sound waves are transmitted through a contact medium in the DUT. The reflected or transmitted wave patterns are recorded and analyzed.

Phased array technology

The phased-array technology is a special form of ultrasonic testing. Highly sensitive pairs of emitters launch the high-frequency ultrasonic beams through the test piece. With a high performance software, the reflected echoes are evaluated and a detailed representation of the internal structures is possible. The phased array technique is used in highly complex and safety-relevant components such as pipeline welds, aircraft components and vehicles.