Measurement & Analysis

3D measurement, initial sample inspection, measurement and non-destructive inspection with latest computed tomography (CT)

Rapid development cycles and more complex parts requires new methods of measurement, like more dimensional measuring and non-destructive testing, which are time and cost effective. A 3D computer tomography is there for the best way to do this fast and cheap on a high-quality level.

In the development process, you can make a decision on geometrics and dimensional accuracy with an actual-theoretical comparison with the CAD model without making extensive measurements.

This is good enough to make changes on the parts according to the tool designers.

You can also do an analysis for blowholes on cast parts and artificial parts without many more costs. Here you can see the volume, dimension and position off the voids.

An analysis for wall thickness or fiber flow on composite materials is also possible. [/ Vc_column_text]

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