Computed tomography (CT)

X-RAY- The look inside

The Industrial Computed Tomography represents an important tool for qualitative product and process development. Therefore the method ensures the permanent process monitoring and product requalification.

The Computed Tomography enables the digital imaging, also called three-dimensional volume model, even of multimatieral products. Also, products produced by three-dimensional prototyping can be tested by CT in an expedient way.

This kind of testing method has the advantage of a high measurement accuracy of inboard and inaccessible surfaces. Defects like fine cracks, inclusions, pollution or gas cavities can be detected confidential. The Computed Tomography is also often used in testing castings and metalworking industry for analyzing cavities in work pieces.

Furthermore, the three-dimensional resconstruction enables detailed target-actual comparison and analyses of wall thickness and fiber composites.

Phase 1: Detection of the actual state

  • Definition of the testing method and process
  • Multiple-shift operation ensures an efficient and flexible process flow
  • Guaranteed End-of-Line-Solution
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Phase 2: Scan & Evaluation

  • Implementation of the CT scan
  • Data Reconstruction
  • Defect Analysis
  • Porosity Analysis
  • Inclusion Analysis
  • Crack Testing
  • Analysis of wall thickness
  • Analysis of fiber composites
  • Soldering Joints Analysis
  • Target-Actual Comparison
  • Measuring Techniques
  • Assembly Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering

Phase 3: Documentation

  • Final vote of the measurement results
  • Several application reports

Phase 4: Integration in your own process

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  • Consulting – Acting – Supporting
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