Geology, Archeology and Natural Materials

Modern Computertomography offers new research methods

Computed tomography represents a new and innovative method in the realm geology, archeology and natural materials. New approaches for old problems and questions in geosciences can be found. The actual trend digital rock shows how CT imaging is being established pervasively in this sector. (put this in the description above pictures, and remove here) XRAY-LAB is teaming up or working with scientific institutions, such as universities, research institutes and federal agencies. Clients from the energy and natural resources industry benefit from our expertise in the field of non-destructive analysis. Particularly in the oil and gas industry, CT analysis ensure a decisive progress for the characterization of reservoir rocks and the evaluation of potential resource deposits.

CT imaging enables for instance the quantification and visualization of pore space, oil and gas phases in rocks, fractures or migration pathways for fluids.

Competent and specialized staff for this field of study is available.

  • The characterization of source, reservoir or host rocks
  • Quantification of porosity and analysis of pore space characteristics
  • Calculation and visualization of permeability, pore pressure and migration rates
  • Quantification of oil and gas phases and examination of their distribution
  • Visualization of fracture patterns and potential migration pathways for fluids
  • Strain analysis
  • 3D analysis regarding amount and spatial distribution of minerals and inclusions
  • 3D reconstruction of fossils as well as taxonomy

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