Hannover Messe

1024 608 XRAY-LAB | Industrial X-ray analysis & 3D computed tomography (CT)

XRAY-LAB main headquarters is located in  Stuttgart, Germany and our U.S headquarters is located in Auburn Hills, MI

We will be attending the Hannover Messe to showcase our new technology.

Visit us at Hall 4, Stand E12 to see our companies capabilities


XRAY-LAB is one of the first pioneers in Industrial Computed Tomography. We have partnered with universities, and  corporate companies to improve Computed Tomography (CT) technologies, including software for Non-Destructive Testing.  Currently, we are creating inline and special machines to improve Computed Tomography and 2D/2.5D scanning, to keep up with production speed.

One of our newest products is the RoboCT. The RoboCT enables fully automatic quality control for a wide range of components. The RoboCT can examine porosity, voids, shape and assembly controls. The RoboCT can do 2D/2.5D and CT. If the RoboCT detects flaws in the product then it will be removed from production.

Another project we will be showing at the Hannover Messe, is a case study for 3D printed parts. With new materials and manufacturing practices, new test material must follow. 3D printed parts are made with resin powder and it is very heavy to see with normal tactical measurements, we can test it through all the steps to make sure everything is correct. With our CT technology we have the power and resolution to visualize cracks and inclusions in 3D printed parts.



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