When we commenced operation with our first X-Ray tomography in 1998, we were convinced by the technology’s future sustainability. Today, we are specialized in the realm of non-destructive testing using various techniques for a broad range of industrial components. Our engineers provide specific knowledge in 3D computer tomography, digital radiography, X-Ray, ultrasound, magnetic particle, eddy current and dye penetrant (fluorescence) testing as well as in endoscopy and Videoscopy. With our qualified testing staff at our sites at Detroit and Tuscaloosa in the US, Stuttgart and Wolfsburg in Germany and in Slovakia also, along with our highly specialized machinery, we are able to examine large amounts of parts quickly, comprehensively, and in great detail. Utilizing our expertise with 2D X-Ray analyzes and computer tomography, as well as by using optical 3D scanners and up-to-date 3D printers, our engineering sector is able to support our clients in the development and prototyping of new products. Target-actual comparisons, measurement technology in 2D and 3D, porosity and cavity analyzes, wall thickness analyzes or fiber composite analyzes are a part of the daily work of our engineers and technicians.

Our materials testers have specific expertise in all testing methods. Reliable test results thanks to high-quality measurement methods:

Computer tomography (CT)

Computed tomography not only provides the possibility of viewing high-resolution sectional images. It also enables a virtual image flight (fly through) on all mechanical and electronic objects.

3D object Scanning

With 3D object scanning, even complex surface structures are captured with high precision, quickly and cost-effectively using the latest scanning technologies. This enables an exact visualization of your object.

3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

As a further service to 3D object acquisition, we also offer you the possibility of having your measurement results displayed plastically via our 3D printers.

2D / 2.5D X-ray

Two-dimensional X-ray examination is the fastest and most cost-effective method of X-ray analysis. Through targeted handling of the detector, we also offer the possibility of a 2.5D analysis, which is almost unique.

Ultrasonic Testing

In Ultrasonic technology, non-destructive testing is performed by the targeted emission of high-frequency sound waves. Their characteristic reflection is detected by a probe and evaluated with the aid of special measuring instruments.

Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current inspection is used to detect cracks or other surface defects in an electrically or magnetically conductive workpiece. In addition, all inhomogeneities near the component surface can be filtered out.

Dye Penetrant Testing

The dye penetration process using fluorescent dye is ideal for filtering out hairline cracks down to less than 1 µm on the surface of your component. We would be happy to test individual components in our laboratory or directly at your production site during series production.

Magnetic Particle Method

Magnetic particle inspection examines all magnetizable components by specifically selecting flow changes in the magnetic current in order to draw conclusions about cracks or other defects.

Endoscopy & Videoscopy

With our smallest endoscopes and videoscopes, we can reach places in your component that were previously completely hidden from view. At the same time we have the possibility to endoscope highly flexible as well as rigid.

Thanks to our qualified testing personnel and our large machine park, we are able to thoroughly test a large number of components or assemblies for you, even in the shortest possible time.

Due to many years of experience with 2D X-ray examinations and computer tomographies and the targeted use of optical 3D scanners as well as 3D printers, our engineering department can optimally support the development and “prototyping” of new products. Target/actual comparisons, measurement technology in 2D and 3D, porosity & blowhole analyses, wall thickness analyses, or fiber composite material analyses are part of the daily work of our technicians and engineers.

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