Attn Companies:

X-RAY LAB has been in business since 1998, were we were convinced by the technology’s future sustainability. Today, we are specialized in the realm of non-destructive testing. We also have found a great time of engineer’s that helped us get to where we are today. We have experienced engineers all over the world, that have knowledge in 3D computer tomography, digital radiography and other specialties.

We have been working with automotive, aerospace and defense companies for many years and we know how difficult it has been to find experienced engineers that will fit with your company’s needs.

We can help provide you and your company engineers that have experience in Electrical, where they will provide service in application of electricity and electronics. Mechanical Engineers will help provide service in design, analyzation, manufacturing and maintaining mechanical systems. Process Engineers will provide service in design, operation, control and optimization in manufacturing systems. Application Engineers will be responsible for driving and managing sales between you and your customers. We can also provide you with Software Engineers who will be responsible for design, development, maintain and testing software that your company needs.

If you are looking for experienced engineers in any field, contact us at 248-843-1759.

Thank you