XRAY-LAB Report Creator (XRC)


Are you looking for a report creator tool that enables you to create industry standard inspection report with a user-frendly interface?

XRAY-LAB Report Creator (XRC) enables you to create professional inspection reports in accordance with industry standards. Internal implementation in 2018 allows for the creation of 2D/3D CT inspection reports for our clients. It provides a comfortable user-friendly interface and a complete Picture Markup Module (PMM). PMM enables you to edit the embedded pictures with multiple markups (such as texts, circles, arrows, etc.) during the report creation wizard. Our software enables the user to embed table data in CSV format which can be exported from MS® Excel®. The created report can be backed up for later use and can also be edited in the backup configuration file. Finally, the report can be previewed or printed out in PDF, JPG, and HTML format.

In addition, XRC gives you a fully customizable environment with multi-language support to create a report as you require. Currently, languages supported are English and German (as of spring 2019)

Software Features:

XRC has many features that make it invaluable as an inspection report program. PMM, CSV support, and ease-of-use make XRC a turnkey solution to automate your reporting and increase your bottom line.

  • Produce Adobe® Acrobat® PDF reports, web-based interactive html, or PNG/JPG image format
  • Instant preview screen of entire report
  • Fully customize each report section
  • Create customized versions of any saved report
  • Search any saved report with tags support
  • Tracks finished/unfinished sections of the report
  • Company logo and personalization
  • Embed unlimited pictures with notations
  • Edit pictures with markups, texts, and shapes
  • Embed multiple tables with CSV support



XRAY-LAB App Manager (XAP)

XRAY-LAB App Manager (XAP) enables personnel to use several in-house developed modules such as industry standard Inspection Report Creator, File System Manager, and CT-Machines Observer combined with a easy to implement User Management System.

XRAY-LAB CT-Machines Observer (XCMO)

XRAY-LAB CT-Machines Observer (XCMO)

XRAY-LAB CT-Machines Observer (XCMO) enables you to get updated about multiple machines from a remote location. It provides various customizable features that keep you updated on the status of multiple machine parameters and timings in real time. This provides a time-saving benefit to Project Directors, Maintenance Managers, and Customer Liaison personnel.

XRAY-LAB File System Manager (XFSM)

XRAY-LAB File System Manager (XFSM)

XRAY-LAB File System Manager (XFSM) enables you to manage your projects in one place with a user-friendly application environment. It watches the specified directory for changes and automatically updates the projects tree structure for any change in the directory. This helps users to know if any project has been added, removed, or changed on the fly.

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