XRAY-LAB File System Manager (XFSM)

Are you looking to automate your industry projects to reduce stress, time and cost?

XRAY-LAB File System Manager (XFSM) enables you to manage your projects in one place with a user-friendly application environment. It watches the specified directory for changes and automatically updates the projects tree structure for any change in the directory. This helps users to know if any project has been added, removed, or changed on the fly.

Software features:

  • Scan, view, and edit projects
  • View PCA, Image, Video files of any project
  • Slide show of all images in the project directory
  • Auto-update on any change in the projects or after completing the specified update interval
  • Quick search for projects

User must specify the Root Path that needs to be watched as well as the update interval (in seconds). If there was no change detected in the directories then the tree will not be updated, instead it will wait for the change, and when a change is detected in any folder then it will wait for the update interval to complete. After the update interval is completed, the software will completely update the directory structure and the complete project hierarchy.

How the XRAY-LAB File System Manager works:

  • Double click on the image item to display it in the image box.
  • Double click on the 2D or 3D tree item to load all images to play as a slide show or a video.
  • Double click on the CT tree item to display the important information in the right dock window.
  • Sort columns by clicking on the tree header labels. By default, the columns are sorted by project modified time. The latest modified project is on the top.
screenshot_XRAY-LAB_LAB File System_Manager

XRAY-LAB App Manager (XAP)

XRAY-LAB App Manager (XAP) enables personnel to use several in-house developed modules such as industry standard Inspection Report Creator, File System Manager, and CT-Machines Observer combined with a easy to implement User Management System.

XRAY-LAB Report Creator (XRC)

XRAY-LAB Report Creator (XRC)

XRAY-LAB Report Creator (XRC) enables you to create professional inspection reports in accordance with industry standards. Internal implementation in 2018 allows for the creation of 2D/3D CT inspection reports for our clients. It provides a comfortable user-friendly interface and a complete Picture Markup Module (PMM).

XRAY-LAB CT-Machines Observer (XCMO)

XRAY-LAB CT-Machines Observer (XCMO)

XRAY-LAB CT-Machines Observer (XCMO) enables you to get updated about multiple machines from a remote location. It provides various customizable features that keep you updated on the status of multiple machine parameters and timings in real time. This provides a time-saving benefit to Project Directors, Maintenance Managers, and Customer Liaison personnel.

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