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XPaint Pro

Solder joint analysis, voids analysis, enhanced filters, documentation. XPaint Pro can be used with the two modules XVoid Pro and XEnhancer Pro, which is particularly suitable for the analysis of solder joints but also for voids analysis on metal or plastic parts to make a precise and fast quality statement. The data can be fed directly into the industry 4.0 cycle to control the production process and automatically transferred to the CAQ program. The data is output as csv files which are compatible with all common software.
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Videolink XPaintPro
Videolink XEnhancer Pro
New Shapes for Voids

XReport Pro

Reporting tool, standard reports, standardized reports and freely adaptable reports.
The software is usefully combined with XPaint Pro and / or XEnhancer Pro. The reporting tool generates a report in a simple way during the examination or afterwards. You do not have to worry about formatting and you can concentrate completely on creating the custom report with your company logo.
Videolink XReport Pro

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XVolume Viewer

With the XVolume Viewer, computed tomography data can be viewed and edited. The XVolume Viewer can load various volume data formats, including DICOM data, which is commonly used in medicine.
Built-in presets allow a fast evaluation of the data sets. Prefigured presets for the physician allow a quick diagnosis with custom coloring.
Videolink XVolume Viewer

XApps Manager

The XApps Manager makes our offered modules network-enabled and multi-user capable. With XApps Manager interface, all individual modules are managed under one interface. This interface gives user management system to manage modules or features for admins and users. Currently, following modules are available in XApps Manager:
XPaint Pro with XEnhancer and XVoid
XReport Pro
XFiles Cleaner Pro
XImage Stitcher Pro
XFileTrans Pro

XFiles Cleaner Pro
XImage Stitcher Pro

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