PolyCT - An upgrade kit for industrial CT scanners

XRAY-LAB and the Fraunhofer Development Center for X-ray Technology (EZRT) present the PolyCT as an intuitively usable add-on equipment, which can reduce the scanning time by a factor of 3 – especially with complex inspection tasks, such as analyses of highly x-ray-attenuating objects.

  • SETUP The measuring device is clamped into the CT chuck instead of the sample(s) or directly mounted on top of the rotary table using a centering adapter..
  • OPTIMIZED USE The PolyCT kit enables optimum use of the detector areas due to individual rotating centers. Thereby less angular increments are necessary compared to a standard CT scan.
  • PROCESS CHAIN The data processing is automated by the usual reconstruction software and does not require further intervention in the existing system architecture.
  • FIELD OF APPLICATION The combination of precise mechanics, easy handling and the Fraunhofer reconstruction software enables a user-friendly application in every inspection laboratory.

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More information, flyers and the opportunity to request a demo presentation can be found at www.polyct.com [/ grve_slogan] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]