Special machine construction and RoboCT


Years of experience in the service sector have enabled XRAY-LAB to acquire excellent expertise in the development of special machines in the field of 2D X-ray, industrial computed tomography (CT), ultrasonic and eddy current testing.

In particular, our decades of experience in industrial X-ray technology and our CT laboratories in Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, and Detroit mean that the test parts you provide can be examined immediately on our versatile machinery. This enables a prompt implementation and guarantees an optimal technical design of the later system under real operating conditions.

Feasibility analyses prevent failures in the conception phase from the outset, thus saving valuable time and costs.

When designing an ultrasonic testing system, the test specimens can be determined by computer tomography. This eliminates the need for tedious fabrication of test specimens and results in significant cost savings.


With our innovative software kit, non-destructive testing and fully automated assessment of high volumes are possible. In addition to machine learning, the software offers comprehensive defect image recognition through targeted user hinting options (Teach-In) on individual X-ray images or in the volume of the scanned 3D object. Thus, artificial intelligence (AI) can be trained and optimized without special programming knowledge.

Components learned in the software and other knowledge built up can also be applied across projects.

Through AI algorithms, the software is able to suggest or make decisions itself in the case of the same or similar error patterns. Automated analysis procedures can identify maintenance requirements and failure criteria to prevent unplanned machine failures.

The data obtained in real-time can be automatically used for parameterization or readjustment of upstream production machines or transmitted online to higher-level systems, e.g. for automatic booking, completion reporting, and parallel systems, e.g. Q systems. The testing systems are thus prepared for Industry 4.0 requirements. For Inline & offline machines as well as special test systems of any kind, you will find XRAY-LAB to be the competent partner on the market.

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