150 150 XRAY-LAB | Industrial X-ray analysis & 3D computed tomography (CT)

XRAY-LAB created the RoboCT, to help companies in the production line process. The RoboCT enables fully automatic quality control for a wide range of components. The RoboCT can examine porosity, voids, shape and assembly controls. The RoboCT is automated and can work 24/7 with no supervision.

The RoboCT takes the part and places it in the machine, while the part is in the machine it starts with a 2D scan. If it detects a void, porosity in a critical area, the RoboCT will do a CT scan and compare it to the CAD Model provided by your company. During the CT process, he reconstructs the CT data, this whole process will take about 45 seconds. If the part is okay to work with it will be placed for production. If the RoboCT detects flaws that will not be able to work because of the cracks or voids then it will be removed from production.

If you have any questions regarding the RoboCT, please contact us at 800-270-1350.