Rental of mobile X-RAY systems Computed tomography 2D 2.5D

  • Machine loaded
  • Desktop machine
  • Packaged machine
  • Packaged machine

Mobile large X-XRAY systems, 2D and computed tomography, suitable for mass examinations and serial examinations in your company.
Quickly transported and set up at your place for a temporary rental period. The system can be taken over or returned after the rental period.

What can be examined?

  • Assemblies
  • Battery cells
  • Electric motors
  • Electronic
  • cable harness, connectors
  • Castings
  • Structural components
  • Fiber composite materials
    This is only an excerpt of the possibilities. We would be happy to create the programs for the evaluation and the necessary devices for you.
    A feasibility study, preliminary investigation can be carried out in advance in our laboratories.
  • void analysis
  • Solder joint of a µCU
  • diode
  • Laminography
  • µCU recorded with and without flash filter


High-resolution machines in your production
Production problems? Start up? SOP?

We would be happy to install one of our X-RAY systems available for transport at your location. 2D 2.5D computed tomography, we certainly have the right system ready for you to transport. The X-RAY system is delivered, professionally set up and installed. Then the radiation protection acceptance and the official approval takes place. After the approved registration, the system can be operated at your site. We are happy to provide you with our expert staff for operation or to train your employees. Radiation protection bunkers that are produced in modules can also be set up at your site if required.