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Volume Graphics

Volume Graphics develops software for the processing of voxel data (voxel = three-dimensional pixel). Thousands of companies worldwide use Volume Graphics products to analyze, inspect, and measure objects – in quality assurance, production, and research. The company was founded in 1997. Today, Volume Graphics has around 100 employees in Germany, the US, and Japan, with most of them working at the company’s headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany.

http://www.volumegraphics.com/ (External Link)

Solutto Engineering

Solutto Engineering (Mexico) is a dimensional accredited laboratory under ISO / IEC 17025: 2005, and the first accredited lab in Mexico for gear measurement/calibration, (including characteristics as LEAD and INVOLUTE). We also offer calibration and services for gear analyzer machines. Our accreditations are:
  • L16-120 Accreditation for Calibration Measuring Machine Gear, Accreditation 88852
  • L16-121 Accreditation for Calibration Dimensional (gears calibration), Accreditation 88852
http://solutto.com.mx/ (External Link)