Our Partners


Volume Graphics

Volume Graphics develops software for processing voxel data (voxels = three-dimensional pixels). Thousands of companies worldwide use Volume Graphics products to analyze, test and measure – in quality assurance, production and research. The company was founded in 1997. Today Volume Graphics employs around 100 people in Germany, the USA and Japan, the majority of them at the company’s headquarters in Heidelberg.

J Mechatronic INDIA

JMechatronic, based in Maharashtra, India, is a global industry-independent industrial automation company with the aim of globalizing industrial automation through simplicity. JMechatronic focuses on the comprehensive digitalization of production based on the Industry 4.0 principle. Starting with the development through the various process steps up to the end product, the data obtained are used to control the production machines. The data obtained from the most modern X-ray inspection systems are used here JMechatronic focuses on solving a wide variety of problems today and tomorrow.