Plastics & Injection Molding

We assure the quality of your plastic parts

2D and 2.5D radiography and computed tomography are well suited to analyze plastic and synthetic materials.

Impurities and foreign objects can be reliably and efficiently detected with these methods.

2D and 2.5D radiography can detect impurities and foreign objects. In more component materials and parts, we can detect voids and incorrect cross-linking. With these tools, XRAY-LAB helps you ensure and improve the quality of your products.

With computed tomography, we can go even further than 2D and 2.5D, and assist you during the development of new products and parts. Our services in the field of initial sampling range from geometric measurements of arbitrary distances and wall thickness to part-to-CAD comparison. This information gives you an insight into your part and your process, and therefore helps you to bring your parts to series production or testing the process stability during production.

Our non-destructive methods and services offer you substantial analysis of the form, processing and functionality of your parts.