Battery Show 2019 Novi, MI. Der Stand #2128 ist abgebaut

Today 12. September, was the last day at the Battery Show in Novi, Michigan

1024 768 XRAY-LAB | Industrial X-ray analysis & 3D computed tomography (CT)

Today, at 3:00 pm, we removed our booth # 2128 at the Battery Show in Novi, Michigan USA.
We were able to establish very good contacts and also show our existing customers lots of news.
XRAY-LAB was able to fully support the trend in electrification in automotive engineering:

  • Examination of rotors with automatic analysis for voids and imbalance
  • Examination of stators. Void analysis, coolant channels.
  • Full and smi automatic examination of hair pins.
  • Examination of  battery cells for delamination
  • New Software
    • XRAY-LAB APP MANAGER. This software managt all Apps from XRAY-LAB under one design.
    • XRAY-LAB REPORT CREATOR. Create reports.
    • XRAY-LAB CT-MACHINE OBSERVER. To monitor the running machines. Collecting the machine parameters. Collecting the parameters for maintenance.
    • XRAY-LAB File SYSTEM MANAGER. To delete, copy unnecessary projection files.
    • XRAY-LAB XENHANCER PRO. Get more informations out of your existing x-ray images.Increase contrast and grey scale.
    • XRAY-LAB XVOID PRO. Void analysis, solder joint analysis.

Further information you get under the menu item Software.