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Our North America Headquarters in the South of the USA in Tuscaloosa, AL

Since 2004, our location in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we have provided service in the heart of the Southern automotive industry to OEM’s and their suppliers. We have provided our customers with a full range of support services from R&D at the beginning to Containment and Rework actions during production to warranty analysis and support through the product life cycle.

Our services extend from our lab and warehouse, with 24/7 logistical operations, to onsite at our customers facility. From simple sorting and rework operations involving only a few parts to well over 100K parts, we produce results for our clients and their end-user alike. Pre- and sub- assembly support options offer value-add services to your product stream.

Our capabilities have grown since those first years of Containment and Rework services and allowed us to add our most technological skills for complex analysis utilizing Ultrasonic Testing to advanced X-Ray services. Our x-ray services provide our customers a look inside components to validate and error-proof design with NDT. Whether it is as simple as a printed circuit board to a very complex sensor array, we provide results for our customers.

In addition, we provide Resident Engineering and Resident Liaison services to customers who are not located near the OEM or next Tier supplier. In this way, we provide reporting, incident mitigation, and reactive solutions on-site at the end user when required. This option is performed in either a part-time or full-time capacity based on customer needs allowing a cost effective solution to suppliers with minimal interaction requirements.

Along with our capabilities, our industries served has grown also. We did not resign ourselves to Automotive industry services only. Now, our clients include Aerospace, Appliance, Marine, Medical, and the ever-growing Additive Manufacturing industry. The pursuit of customer satisfaction has driven us to grow and become a leader in the field of NDT with x-ray.  We design and now offer proprietary software and component aides, PolyCT, which assist our customers in gaining higher levels of insight into product structure and inspection throughput.

For all of your product servicing and NDT needs, XRAY-LAB is your source for the simple issue resolution and up to the most complex material analysis of modern composites.

XRAY-LAB Tuscaloosa, Alabama

XRAY-LAB Tuscaloosa (US south)

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