Our site at Wolfsburg (Germany)

Since the beginning of 2016, the X-Ray Lab has been present in the northern German “Autostadt”. Our new location provides X-Ray analyses in 2D, 2.5D and 3D for a wide range of applications. Being in the middle of the automotive industry, we are able to provide our services quickly due to the central location and short transport routes. Even if you are not in Wolfsburg, we are able to efficiently service all of northern Germany! You are most welcome to visit our new location. Additionally, we would be glad to visit you to discuss your specific requests and questions.

Our on site services:

2D / 2.5D X-Ray imaging

The two-dimensional X-Ray analysis is the fastest and most cost-efficient method of X-Ray imaging.

Ultrasonic inspection

Non-destructive testing by ultrasonic inspection is based on the emission of high-frequent sound waves. Their characteristic reflection is detected by a search unit and subsequently analyzed using special instruments.

3D object scanning

Using the modern optical scanning technology, even complex surface structures are detected quickly, precisely and cost-efficiently…

Computer tomography

High-resolution images, slices and fly-through videos for mechanic and electronic products

Eddy current testing

By means of eddy current testing fractures or inhomogeneities propagating from the surface of electric or conducting parts can be detected.

3D printing & rapid prototyping

As more than a supplementary service to our 3D object scanning, we provide the possibility to plastically visualize the measured results with our 3D printers…

How to reach us: