Growing business in a high-tech industry

Founded in 1998, XRAY-LAB GmbH & Co. KG has been growing from a small family business to a broad-based international and integrated quality service provider. What began with the Reworking department and the Audits Support, was quickly expanded by a team of resident engineers to the broad spectrum of services we provide today.

At an early stage, we adopted new technologies and pro­ved ourselves in the field of radiography examinations. This service was later expanded to include computed tomography as well. In addition to the development in the field of x-ray technologies, we also expanded our Non-Destructive Testing department, with additional methods like ultrasonic testing and eddy current testing.

With the establishment of our newest department Special Machines and Systems Development, we gained the capability to design high-tech and customized systems, which comply with the standards of Industry 4.0.

As our capital funding increased to record levels, our company now employs several hundred people world­wide in various business sections, including R&D and Quality Control, operating a growing pool of equipment in our modernized testing facilities.