Special machinery construction


150 150 XRAY-LAB | Industrial X-ray analysis & 3D computed tomography (CT)

XRAY-LAB created the RoboCT, to help companies in the production line process. The RoboCT enables fully automatic quality control for a wide range of components. The RoboCT can examine porosity, voids, shape and assembly controls. The RoboCT is automated and can work 24/7 with no supervision. The RoboCT takes the part and places it in the machine, while the part…

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XRAY-LAB project presentation @ VolumeGraphics USer Group Meeting 2017

XRAY-LAB at the VolumeGraphics User Group Meeting

1024 768 XRAY-LAB | Industrial X-ray analysis & 3D computed tomography (CT)

On 13th and 14th September, VolmeGraphics will celebrate its 20th anniversary with its fifth User Group Meeting. The XRAY-LAB is very proud to present a current machine construction project as one of five partners in the Heidelberger Druckakademie. Using an XRAY-LAB Inline CT system  the entire production of this part can be tested. Up to 3,600 components per hour are…

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Special machine construction and RoboCT

1024 512 XRAY-LAB | Industrial X-ray analysis & 3D computed tomography (CT)

Special requirements for an optimized production line process Standard machines for 2D and 3D measurements Special machines for series, inline and special tests The advantages at a glance 100% quality control 100% Automatic software-based error detection Costs* * in comparison to an industrial lab CT-scanner Portalanlage mit automatisierter Bestückung RoboCT mit PolyCT zur Prüfung von Akkupacks InlineCT Lösung mittels eins Gantrys Bauteile…

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