Fiber analysis of composite materials

We enable you a detailed identification of your materials

In the light parts of highly stressed components, composite materials play an increasingly important role. Fiber analysis of composite materials via CT allows their testing without any destruction. It provides also important information about the structure of individual components, such as:

  • orientation of the fibers in whole workpiece or in the fixed locations of it:
    • displaying vectors and tensors in color coding (main direction of tension/voltage) in 2D or 3D,
    • histograms displaying the direction of transmission
    • line diagrams displaying the direction of tensors
  • color displayed transmission between the fibers and their graphical representation
    • current comparison with predefined orientation of fibers
    • projection in the same plane
  • files import from PATRAN (simulation grid)

These data may be used in simulation, same as for determining of mechanical properties of individual components. It is also possible to import the simulation grid from FEM Analysis into local fiber orientation, as well as to determine the proportion of fibers in each cell of grid. It allows also comparison of real and calculated data. This process works also in reverse: the calculated values of material samples can be used as input for FEM Simulation.